Email : flatmate wanted

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How to write an e mail to be selected and visit a house

From : votre adresse mail

to : gemma@spareroom.co.uk

Subject : sharing a room wanted

Hi! my name is -----NL---------and I’m looking for a room to rent in Liverpool. So your ad interested me!

I’m ---20 years old and I study ----English------- because I’d like to -----be an English teacher-------

I’m a very ----talkative ---person and rather outgoing but I don’t like --noise-------. I’m very sporty; I practise ---------.every week

I’m quite tidy ; I usually tidy up my stuffs and clean my room.

I’m good at cooking so I ‘ll be able to cook for you if you like .

Oh one more thing ! I’m ---clumsy------ Shame on me !

Please contact me

Best regards

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